Special Events

In addition to our regular weekly and monthly activities, there are regular annual events throughout the year: Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn and Christmas,

Next 10 events

Date Start Time Location Title
Fri 14th Feb 17:30 Sizewell Hall
Leiston, England
Church weekend
Sat 22nd Feb 18:00 Main Church Building Indian Buffet meal
Sat 4th Apr 09:00 Family Centre Large Room & Small Room & Main Church Building Church Cleaning Party
Wed 8th Apr 20:00 Main Church Building Community Choir Easter
Thu 9th Apr 18:30 Family Centre Large Room and Small Room Passover Communion Meal
Fri 10th Apr 11:00 Starts at St Andrew's Church Good Friday Walk of Witness
Wed 20th May 20:00 Main Church Building Community Choir Summer Open Rehearsal
Sun 31st May 11:45 Church building to Recreation Ground Pentecost Praise Walk
Wed 8th Jul 14:00 St Andrew's church Year 6 graduation
Sat 26th Sep 10:00 Billaricay Baptist Church East'n Baptist Annual Gathering