From the 2020/22 Covid outbreak: 

We seek to serve our community providing a range of activities in such a way that all are able to participate, particularly those who are more cautious with regard to Covid related safety. Our policy (from 24th February 2022) was that:

  • Those entering church buildings are encouraged
    * to read the government recommendations for “Living with Covid”;
    * to adopt behaviours that reduce the risk of infections and make others feel comfortable; and
    * to be respectful of others who behave differently for whatever reason.

  • We recommend that those running activities in church buildings follow  health and safety executive advice that
    * CO2 levels consistently higher than 1500ppm in an occupied room indicate poor ventilation and you should take action.
    * CO2 levels below 800ppm are recommended for areas with continuous talking, singing and high levels of physical activity such as sport or dancing