Life Events

There is a desire in people at all stages of their journey of faith to mark important moments in life - birth, marriage and death - “in the sight of God”.   Our church community seeks to provide the space in which this can take place. 

After the birth of a child it is our custom to have a service of blessing and thanksgiving for your child, which would typically include things such as giving thanks, promises by parents and God parents to care for and pray for the child and prayers from us for the child’s and the family’s future. As Baptists we welcome children but do not Baptise babies in the sense of applying water as a symbol of belief and new life as we take this to be a personal decision and declaration of faith from the person being baptised.

We conduct weddings in our building, but couples need to arrange for a Registrar to attend to fill in the legal Marriage Certificate. 

We conduct funeral services and memorial services both in our church building, at also at either of the local crematoria or the local burial sites.

All of these services can be made available on Zoom at the same time as taking place physically, so that those who are unable to attend in person can not only hear and see what is taking place, but also speak and be seen in the church building. We have found this can be particularly valuable at funerals with some people attending virtually, that otherwise could not make it, alongside those who can attend in person.