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Friday Friends

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Since 2007 Friday Friends (see video here) has been a meeting place for 30 plus senior citizens. The group meets weekly throughout the year between 1:30pm and 3:30pm each Friday in the family centre. Typically there is a craft table, a knitting table, a card table and a scrabble table.  The knitting table works tirelessly providing blankets and other goods for those in need. There is tea and cake, a general knowledge quiz and a short epilogue, with a hymn and a prayer.

We have a speaker once a term and usually enjoy a trip out in the summer. We also enjoy roast lunches at key moments through the year. We welcome any retired person of all faiths and no faith. We seek to build a caring atmosphere where friendships are developed which often extend beyond the group and can become supportive relationships which are significant if ill health or other difficulties arise. We do all this with much fun and laughter.

30 people plus birthday cakeFriday Friends Boat TripChristmas Lunch CarolsSenior citizens having lunch together

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