Holiday Bible Club - Covid-Safe

All of these measures are designed to minimise the risk of Children, Parents and Helpers (“Yellow-Shirts”) contracting COVID-19 due to proximity to infected persons or surfaces.


  • By sending children to the club, parents are agreeing to this risk assessment  in which we minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible
  • All dropping off and picking up of children will take place on the playing field where there are 8 gazebos one for each group. There will a one way system with clear signage: entrance via the staff car park, exit using the gate near the village centre.  .
  • Payment in advance is an option by bank transfer to the Cherry Hinton Baptist Church account or cash in person at 95 High Street to reduce congestion of people on Monday morning.  

Children & helpers’ hygiene

  • We will ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
  • Helpers’ & Children behaviour and cooperation will be the key to implementing all of the controls. 
  • Children and adults to sanitise hands when entering and leaving their classroom.  With clear signage to this effect.
  • There is a suitable supply of soap & access to warm water for washing hands after use of toilets.
  • Anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable should discuss the suitability of attending the club with the organisers.


  • Children will be in a table-groups of at most 8 children and will remain on the same table all week.  A record will be made of where each child is sitting each day (for purposes of track and trace)
  • Table-groups will spaced out from other table-groups and will be in well ventilated classroom with all windows open.
  • DVD will be shown on interactive white board in classrooms.  Singing, drama, games and drinks will take place on the playing field under/near group gazebos.  In very inclement weather a live stream of singing/drama from the hall will be shown in each classroom.
  • If any child either deliberately puts others at risk (e.g. coughing, or spitting at others) or will not (as opposed to cannot) comply with social distancing, then their parent/carer will be asked to remove them from the club.

Moving between classroom & Gazebo and fire safety

  • Doors are propped open to reduce touching, but will be closed both on a fire alarm and at the end of the day
  • In the event of fire helpers & children gather on the fence by the recreation ground in groups opposite their gazebo

Equipment + Cleaning

  • We will minimise equipment shared between groups & tables. 
  • An enhanced cleaning schedule will be in place appropriate to the level of Covid infections at the end of July


  • 4 or 5 helpers (“Yellow shirts”) will be allocated to each group and one Yellow shirt will be allocated to each table.  Only in exceptional circumstances will Yellow shirts move tables or groups during the week.
  • Staff meetings(at 9:15 and 12:45) will be outside, weather permitting
  • Yellow shirts will at their own discretion observe social distancing from yellow shirts and wear face coverings.
  • Yellow shirts may on a voluntary basis do their own lateral flow test on Saturday morning and, if the number of Covid cases in Cherry Hinton is high enough, on Tuesday evening.
  • All Yellow shirts to receive this document

Covid Symptoms (and normal first Aid), 

  • Anyone (child or helper) who has COVID symptoms must self isolate and book a PCR test and notify the club.
  • Anyone (child or helper) has is in a household with someone with COVID symptoms must self isolate.
  • If any child becomes symptomatic during the club they will go to the isolation room (sick bay), parents will be called and will leave the building as soon as possible.  We will have a designated Helper who is trained to look after children awaiting collection and will have access to personal protective equipment (PPE).  The isolation room will be fully wiped down after a symptomatic person has been in it.
  • Any helper becoming symptomatic will leave the building immediately.
  • If anyone (child or helper ) has a positive PCR test we will follow whatever the government guidelines are for track and trace.
  • Any child feeling unwell with non-covid symptoms will come to the hall & their parent/carer will be contacted, and will be looked after by a helper from their group or, if necessary, by one of the trained first aiders who will get the child to do as much as they can without the first aider getting close.  There is a suitable stock of first aid sundries in the hall.