Special Events

In addition to our regular weekly and monthly activities, there are regular annual events throughout the year: Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn and Christmas.

Next 10 events

Date Start Time Location Title Description
周六 26th 9月 10:00 Billaricay Baptist Church East'n Baptist Annual Gathering Seasonal
周六 31st 10月 09:00 Family Centre Large Room & Small Room & Main Church Building Church Cleaning Party Seasonal
周日 8th 11月 10:55 Recreation Ground Act of Remembrance Seasonal
周六 14th 11月 19:30 Main Church Building Tear Fund Quiz Seasonal
周六 28th 11月 16:45 Village Centre Village Carols Seasonal Christmas
周三 16th 12月 20:00 Main Church Building Community Choir Christmas Open Rehearsal Seasonal Christmas
周五 18th 12月 13:30 Family Centre Large Room Friday Friends Carols Seasonal Christmas
周六 19th 12月 16:00 Main Church Building Christingle Seasonal Christmas
周四 24th 12月 18:00 Main church building Christmas Eve Carols and Readings by Candlelight Seasonal Christmas
周五 25th 12月 10:00 Main Church Building Christmas Celebration Seasonal Christmas