Family Centre

Date Period Location Name Description
周日 26th 6月08:00—14:30Small and Large RoomsChurch Set up
周日 26th 6月10:50—11:50Small and Large RoomsValue BuildersSunday School activities for primary and secondary school children
周日 26th 6月12:30—14:30Large Room and Small RoomChurch LunchOne of the Church’s Social Events at which all are welcome. Bring and Share
周日 26th 6月14:30—16:15Large RoomChinese Dance group (Julie *)
周日 26th 6月15:15—16:15Small RoomNritham Dance Academy
周日 26th 6月16:15—17:45Large RoomNritham Dance Academy
周一 27th 6月09:20—10:05Large RoomSweaty Mama
周一 27th 6月13:00—17:00Large RoomHealthy You
周一 27th 6月18:00—19:00Large RoomDance (Xavier*)
周二 28th 6月08:00—12:15Small Room and Large RoomChurch Set-up
周二 28th 6月10:00—11:30Large and Small RoomsMessy PlayChurch’s Community Groups.
周二 28th 6月15:45—18:00Large RoomSJSteps
周二 28th 6月18:00—19:00Large RoomDance (Xavier*)
周三 29th 6月08:00—13:00Large RoomHartbeeps
周三 29th 6月09:00—15:00Small RoomChild & Family Centre
周三 29th 6月14:00—16:00Large RoomGrace CafeCommunity Groups
周三 29th 6月19:45—21:30Large Room and Small RoomExplorer Scouts
周四 30th 6月09:00—15:00Large Room and Small RoomChild & Family Centre
周四 30th 6月15:15—17:15Large RoomRomsey Mill
周四 30th 6月16:15—21:00Small RoomZac Moore
周四 30th 6月18:30—20:30Large RoomGuides
周四 30th 6月20:30—21:30Large RoomCleaning
周四 30th 6月21:00—21:30Small RoomCleaning
周五 1st 7月11:00—13:30Large Room and Small RoomChurch Set upSet up for Friday Friends
周五 1st 7月13:30—15:15Large and Small RoomsFriday FriendsCommunity Groups
周五 1st 7月15:15—18:30Large and Small RoomsChurch Set upYouth Group Set up
周五 1st 7月18:30—21:00Large and Small RoomsYouth GroupSchool Years 4-6 before 19:45, School Years 7-9 after 19:45.
周五 1st 7月21:00—23:00Large room and Small roomCleaning
周六 2nd 7月12:30—14:30Large RoomAlcoholics Anonymous
周六 2nd 7月15:00—19:00Large RoomKannada Balaga (has key)