Family Centre - Terms and Conditions

1. The agreed fee must be paid in advance of the hiring. This is £13.50/hour for the main room (7.2x8.3x2.9m), £8/hour for the smaller room (4.1x6.4x2.3m) and £20/hour for both rooms (prices from 1st November 2023). 

2. The church retains control, possession and management of the Family Centre and the user has no right to exclude nominated members of the church from the premises, pictures of whom are displayed on the inside of the top cupboard that is immediately on your right as you enter the kitchen. 

3. The User is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the Family Centre or any of the church’s fixtures and fittings or equipment which is occasioned in whatever way by the use of the Family Centre.

4. The Family Centre may only be used by the organisation and for the purpose and during the period indicated on the application submitted to the church, and the activity taking place is compatible with Christian ethics, and does not promote another religion.

5. After the use of the Family Centre it must be left in a clean and tidy condition with floors swept as necessary and all furniture and equipment (including kitchen crockery) left in the same position as at the commencement of the hiring and the hirer must ensure that all lights are turned out, and all doors and windows properly secured. Please empty bins in the appropriate bins in the car park (Green bin takes food and cardboard; Blue bin takes paper, glass, and plastics; Black bin goes to land fill). The User needs to include adequate time in the booking period for this clearing up. We recommend 30 minutes for parties with up to 15 children and 60 minutes if 30 or more children.  The User needs to include adequate time in the booking period for setting up at the start of the booking.  

6. The User agrees that the church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property arising out of the use of the Family Centre apart from such injury or loss which arises from the church’s responsibility for the general maintenance of the Family Centre and the User will keep the church indemnified against any claims for which the church is not responsible. The User is responsible for having their own public liability insurance, and if they work with children and/or vulnerable adults, having their own Safeguarding policy and undertaking their own DBS checks. The User is responsible for supervising any children present, both in the lobby, kitchen and the room(s) hired and the car park.

7. The User has a responsibility to notify the church of any defect in the Family Centre or in any of the church’s furniture or other equipment in the Family Centre.

8. The User will comply with the provisions of the church’s Health and Safety Policy and will ensure that all those using the Family Centre are aware of the appropriate safety procedures. In particular, it is important that no more than 98 people are in the large room and no more than 48 in the small room (although we think that 50 and 25 are the more comfortable capacities of each room). Also chairs are stacked no more than 8 high, and all stacks of chairs face the wall.

9. The User will ensure that no consumption of alcohol, no smoking, no watching of TV programmes (on equipment plugged into the mains - including use of iPlayer) takes place in the Family Centre

10. The church may terminate this agreement immediately at any time if there is a breach of these conditions by the User, or what is deemed by the church to be inappropriate behaviour.

11. The User needs to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation if they are dealing with young people or vulnerable adults

12. Cars should be parked in the car park at right angles to the centre (three cars for the small room and four cars for the large room). Vehicles and their contents are left at owners’ risk.  The gate to the car park is not locked. Those in the first car arriving for an event open the gate, those in the last car leaving at the end of an event close the gate. Users are required not to park on the green, since this belongs to the City Council and there is a sign saying “Do not park on the Grass”. In terms of respecting our neighbours, please be quiet in the car park, particularly in the evening, and ensure that you leave the car park promptly at the end of your booking to allow its use by those using the Family Centre after you. There is on street parking in Fishers Lane.

13. Both rooms have access to kitchen. If you only book one room, you will be required to share the kitchen, toilets and car park with the users of the other room). Exclusive use of the kitchen is charged at an extra £4/hr (with small room) and £3/hr (with large room).

14. Provisional and Firm bookings. In the first half of a term (and the preceding holiday) firm bookings are made up to the beginning of the next term. In the second half of a term (and the preceding half term holiday), firm bookings are made up to end of the following term. Provisional bookings can be made further ahead.

15. Cherry Hinton Baptist Church will not discriminate against anyone wishing to hire the space for community and social activities, (e.g. in relation to race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, age).

16.  Animals are generally not allowed in the Family Centre.  However, we make an exception for guide dogs, hearing dogs and well being dogs, in which case it would need to be agreed with others attending the group; and the person or group would need to ensure that all relevant cleaning for dog hair and any “accidents” is done thoroughly.