Special Events

In addition to our regular weekly and monthly activities, there are regular annual events throughout the year: Spring, Easter, Summer, Autumn and Christmas.

Next 10 events

Date Start Time Location Title Description
Sat 25th Sep10:00Billaricay Baptist ChurchEastern Baptist AssociationSeasonal - Annual Gathering
Fri 15th Oct00:00Church Weekend in SizewellSeasonal Autumn Social
Sat 30th Oct09:00Family Centre Large Room & Small Room & Main Church BuildingChurch Cleaning PartySeasonal
Sun 14th Nov10:55Recreation GroundAct of RemembranceSeasonal
Sat 20th Nov19:30Main Church BuildingTear Fund QuizSeasonal Social
Sat 27th Nov16:45Village CentreVillage CarolsSeasonal Christmas
Mon 13th Dec20:00Main Church BuildingCommunity Choir Christmas Open RehearsalSeasonal Christmas
Fri 17th Dec13:30Family Centre Large RoomFriday FriendsTea and Carols Community Groups Seasonal Christmas
Sun 19th Dec16:00Main Church BuildingChristingleSeasonal Christmas
Fri 24th Dec17:00Ch care home, Glebe6 Talbot house6:45Care home and sheltered housing CarolsSeasonal Christmas