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Service 2018 Mar 18

The Kingdom of God is near, even in the darkest places. It is seen in suffering alongside and saving of others, and in the intentional turning away from wielding a sword or power over others and saving of self, and trusting those who bear witness to this Kingdom.


Lorraine Calvert Reads Mark 15:21-47 Nic Boyns preaches


Service 2018 Mar 11

We need to be aware in our families, workplaces, church and communities when have power in relation to other people
Our power can come from having position, knowledge, skills, relationships, longegevity or position.

We need to gravitate toward a use of power which is NOT against others and dominating but which is FOR others and nurturing

We need to expose the myth of redemptive violence as an example of how evil is not overcome evil.
We need to follow Jesus in non violent confrontation of the powers of domination.

Jesus refuses to have anything to do with oppressive power - anything which is over against another person, shown in accusations - he remains silent

We need to be aware
* when we are in power from above (like Pilate),
* when we are in power from below (like the crowd)
* when we are victims of an oppressive system and are dehumanised in our dealings with others (like the soldiers)

Roz Lau Reads Mark 15:1-20 and Nic Boyns preaches.


Service 2018 Mar 4

  looking for evidence to condemn those who threaten you
  half truths about your enemies
  condemning people on the evidence of one person
  believing caricatures
There is a time
  to remain silent.
  for confrontational truth-telling
Beware of
  following Jesus at a distance
  sitting with the guards (who beat Jesus)
  warming yourself by the fire
  not knowing Jesus
  there is a time to break down and weep


Leena John Reads Mark 14:43-72, Nic Boyns preaches


Service 2018 Feb 25

Jo boyns leads an all age service about Mark 14:32-53


Service 2018 Feb 18

Rosemary Hallam reads Mark 14:12-31

Chris Tanton preaches



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