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Service 2018 Dec 16

Prayer is

.. about the unseen Kingdom of Heaven
.. talking with our Heavenly Father who knows
.. about basic needs, and associated failures
.. serious


Ruth Ivimey Cook reads Matthew 6:1-5-18 and Nic Boyns preaches


Service 2018 Nov 25

Roz Lau reads Matthew 6:1-4 Nic Boyns preaches

We give
because we are loved & we love

We need to : 
Give what’s right
not what’s left
of your time, effort & money to important people & things
However, do we do it publicly or in secret: 
Matthew 5: Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 6: When you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,
Chapter 5 is about Challenging oppression while oppressing no-one, which we need to do publically for all the world to see
However, Money and Self can get in the way of this which is why we need to
a) give away money 
b) do it secretly. 

Service 2018 Nov 18

Stuart Ross reads Matthew 5:33-37

Nic Boyns preaches


Reasons we don’t tell the truth:
* Gain something by deliberate deception (the thing is more important than the relationship)
* We fail to do something through lack of faithfulness (the relationship isn’t valueable enough)
* We fear of how someone will react to information
* We lack understanding of the past / present
* We’ve given up on truth because we’ll never know it

Motivators to tell the truth: 
* Contentment – valuing relationships – hallow the name
* Faithful  – valuing relationships
* Forgiven (not fearing)
* Being wise
* Being Humble


Service 2018 Nov 11

Debbie Brett reads Matthew 5:38-48

Nic Boyns preaches

In order to be a peace-maker (and a child of God:

* Charity begins at home, but doesn’t end there. (“if you love only those who love you …”)
* “Give to others”
* “Hunger and thirst after righteousness” (“be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect”)
* Don’t be disproportionate (“an eye for an eye”)
* “Don’t be against people, even evil people”
* If you want grace and peace, you can’t have fairness (“God sends rain on the good and the bad”)
* Give dignity and equality to the oppressed (“turn the other cheek”)
* Find righteous power (“go the extra mile”)
* If you really want peace, you have to “love those who have been oppressing you”.





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