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What we're learning

Each month, since September 2011 we have been learning about a different aspect of Being A Christian and Being Church. Much of the core teaching of the church is on the Pastor’s ties. All servies and all themes are available with the most recent one at the top of the list.

Some of these themes have been about a particular book of the bible: Deuteronomy in NT (2016), Esther (2015), Ezekiel (2017) Psalms of Hope (2013), Micah (2016), Beatitudes(2014), Mark (2017-18)Seven Signs (2014), Judgement Parables (2013), Grace Parables (2013), Kingdom Parables (2013), The cross (2016) Resurrection (2016), Colossians (2015), 1 Thessalonians (2017), James (2016), Revelation (2014) and bible overview (2013)

Some themes look at how something is dealt with in various books in the bible: Water (OT) (2015) Water (NT) (2015)

Our December themes look foward to Christmas: Jesus our Joshua (2014), Why Jesus Came (2013), Bethlehem (2012), and God’s presence (2011).

Our Sharing Easter faith themes have included: Sharing Good News (2014), preparing for and sharing Easter faith (2013), sharing faith, and proclaiming the good news (2012), Meaningful sound bites (2015), Faith in my words (2016)

Many themes are an aspect of Christian living: Meeting with God (2015), Sprit filled living (2014), Corporate Disciplines, Outward Disciplines, Inward Disciplines, being church prayer, (2013) resting, purity, repentance, new life, healing, joy, peace, eternal life, worship, (2012) being thankful, being called, learning (2011) and Money & generosity (2015), Covenants (2016) and Meeting together (2017), Justice (2017)

Prior to the 2015 General Election we looked at Think, Pray Vote


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