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Value Builders (Sunday School)

Each Sunday morning during Gathered Worship (10:30-11:50) there is a program of activities for children under the umbrella of Value Builders. Currently, Value Builders is separated between a younger group (children who can be left without parents from about 2 onwards to 5/6 years old), a middle group (6-11 year olds) and a secondary school group (11-16 year olds).

Typically, there are between 6 and 10 children in each group.  We aim to share faith through games, stories, physical activity and craft activities introducing children to prayer, worship and bible ‘study’ through these means, having lots of fun and being in a safe and supportive environment.

From 10:30 for 20 minutes the whole church meets together, after which the children and adults have separate activities.

Value Builders activities vary by Sunday of the month as follows: 

Sunday Age Group All together Value Builders All together
1st, 2nd, 5th of month All 3 groups 10:30-10:50 10:50-11:45 11:45-11:50
3rd of month All 3 groups 10:30-11:30    
4th of month Pre-School 10:30-10:50  10:50-11:35  11:35-11:50

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