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Service 2018 Apr 1

(Sorry no recording this week due to a glitch)

Thoughts on Mark 16:1-8 by Nic Boyns (Based on Tom Wright Surprised by Hope)

1) A spirital resurrection affirms that there is a spiritual “life after death”

The bodily resurrection of Jesus asserts that there is body-mind-and-spirit life after “life after death”
Jesus’ bodily resurrection is the precursor to the general resurrection which will appear at the end of time
Jesus’ bodiy resurrection is our inspiration to live in our 

2) The Greek word Euangellion (translated “Good news”) was used after a battle to show that a new power was in charge of the country.
People of France in 1945 would need to believe the Good News of the liberation of Paris.
German law was no longer in force in France - French law was now in place.

Imagine if someone had in 1941 been able to prove beyond doubt that the power of Germany had been broken, and that France would one day return to French control
It would be possible to live as people who did not recognise the power of Germany, whether the consequences.
I rather suspect that members of the resistance did just this.

Jesus’s bodily resurrection shows that the Kingdom of God is the REAL Kingdom and it is one of faith, Hope, Love, Justice, Truth, Grace, Mercy, Creativity, Peace, Thankfulness and Healing
Kingdoms based on power and money or death are only temporary.

Some people say that the only 2 things you can be sure of are taxes (to do with power and money) and death.

These are temporary.

You can be sure of Jesus for ever.

Jesus IS Lord.

3) In mark’s gospel there is just a young man in the empty tomb.
No Jesus
No Angel.
The writer of the gospel is saying that the way the resurrection works for us is that we find some who testifies that they were (in chaper 14:50-52) metaphorically naked running in darkness, and that now that they have encountered Jesus, they are clothed and not afraid (16:5-6) .  And that they encourage us to get on with our normal lives (go to our own Galilee) and find Jesus there(16:7).  Our initial reaction may be one of bewilderment (16:8)  because we know that we may need to re-orientate our lives to adjust to the new situation in which Jesus is Lord.



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