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Overseas work

5% of our income goes to of Tearfund.   Tearfund is a Christian organisation whose call is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest.  They seek new life and a new sense of worth for people. They seek to do whatever it takes to end poverty and rebuild poor communities. They work through local churches, because they’re Jesus’ body on earth, ready to care for the whole person - and the whole community - inside and out.
As part of our giving we support the Sahaara project in Mumbai, India, which is working to bring light and hope to thousands of sex workers and their children.

It has been agreed that in the six months following the completion of our Kitchen+Toilet (which will cost around £70,000) the church raises £3,500 to give to Tearfund’s Change for Life campaign, which aims to empower people in countries like the Central African Republic, who have been affected by conflict to overcome poverty for good. This £3,500 would be in addition to the usual 5% of our general income which goes to Tearfund each year.  It is also proposed that the church accepts the offer of an interest free loan of £3,500 from two church members from now until the end of 2018, to enable the church to send the £3,500 to Tearfund before 31st January which will then be matched by the the UK government .  Thus giving 10% of the cost of our Kitchen+Toilet to those in great need.

5% of our income goes to support work of theof The Baptist Missionary Society.  BMS World Mission is a Christian organisation, working in around 35 countries on four continents.  BMS workers and partners strive every day to make Jesus known and share the full life he brings. From legal work to surgery, food projects to education, BMS works with local partners, providing help where it is most needed, among the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world.  
We support and pray for our Link Missionary in North Africa who works in the field of special needs education.


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