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How are we organised?


All Cherry Hinton Baptist Church activies are organised to reflect our understanding of what it is to be church.
We seek to be a wholesome community engaged in relevant mission, and thereby be a healthy church.
We have a variety of activities for Adults and Children.

Formal Membership

All church activities are open to all, and all are encouraged to “be church” in the way in which we believe that church should be like. Some believe it is right to make a formal commitment to CHBC by becoming formal members, arising from a commitment to being a baptised Christian Disciple.  This is normally expressed as a commitment to meet regularly for prayer and worship; to give and receive care and support in our relationships; to give of our time, talent and money to serve the church and the community; and to discern together God’s will for us, particularly at Special Church Meetings (usually the Annual General Meeting, but also meetings where Deacons elected and/or a Pastor is called).

Members are usually received after baptism as believers by immersion, but the church welcomes all who follow our Lord Jesus Christ.  Those wishing to become members must speak to a member of the leadership who will visit them and go through the material on this webpage.  The request for membership is then taken to the next church meeting, where a decision is made. 

Church meeting

Because of Jesus’ promise to be present at such a meeting, authority in CHBC rests with the church meeting – the monthly meeting of members. In particular, all church officers are appointed by and responsible to the church meeting.


Deacons and Trustees January 2019

From Left to Right: Chris Tanton (Deacon, Trustee), Jo Boyns (Deacon, Trustee), Alison Hallam (Deacon, Trustee), Nic Boyns (Pastor, Trustee), Lynda Button (Deacon, Trustee0, Wendy Hart (Communiy Worker, Deacon), 

Deacons are elected for a period of three years (currently 2018-2020 inclusive for Chris, Jo and Alison and 2019-2021 for Lynda) and exercise general oversight over church activities. The pastor (Nic) is a member of the Deaconate, with particular responsibility for pastoral care and teaching.  The pastor is paid full time by the church and provided with a house (manse).

Wendy Hart was appointed part time paid Community Worker (from October 2016), and relinquished her participation in the financial oversight of church, which has been taken over by Tim Wylie who has been appointed a non-Deacon Trustee for 2019-2021 inclusive.  The Trustees of the church are the remaining four Deacons (Jo, Alison, Lynda, and Chris), Pastor (Nic) and the non-Deacon Trustee (Tim).  Chris has particular responsibility for Safeguarding, Jo for Vulnerable Adults, Alison for Health and Safety, Tim is the Church Treasurer and Nic is the Church Secretary.

Baptist churches

While many of the values outlined in this document are accepted by many Christians, the particular mix of them is distinctively Baptist. As a result of our commitment to these shared values we are part of the The Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB), and support the work of BMS World Mission. Through the Union, particularly the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA), we gain support from other churches, typically support given to the Deacons and the Pastor. It is therefore usual that the Pastor is a minister who has been accredited by the EBA / BUGB.

Other churches

We recognise, and work with, Christians from serveral other churches, particularly St Andrews Cherry Hinton.  We work in partnership with them particularly in outreach work, because we believe the group of all believers is the whole church of God, of which we are part.

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