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Children's Activities

Messy Play

Messy Play is a Parent/Carer toddler group for Pre-school children and their families. It is run by Cherry Hinton Baptist Church and Friends and is held in our Family Centre in Fishers Lane. We are open most Tuesdays in term time (See Family Centre diary for exact dates) and our sessions run between  9:15 to 11:15am

Messy Play at Cherry Hinton Baptist Church

Messy Bible

Messy Bible aims to be a friendly, informal group where carers can come, with their pre-school children and babies and explore what the bible has to say about Christianity and support each other in putting it into practice.

Youth Group

Youth Group FootballPool, Table tennis, Darts, Computer game

Youth Group aims to be an inclusive and safe environment in which children can enjoy a variety of social activities, so that they develop good relationships with each other.  We welcome all children, celebrating good behaviour and not welcoming behaviour which is hurtful.  

Youth Group is open to older Primary school and younger Secondary school children, every Friday in term time in the Family Centre from 6:30 to 7:45 (for school years 4-6) and 7:45-9:00 (for school years 7-9).  While the Youth Group is open most Fridays in term time, check Diary for actual opening dates. The Youth Group is staffed by Christians in Cherry Hinton who attend a variety of churches.

Football, dodgeball and Unihoc in the floodlit car park give an opportunity for team games, and the tuck shop allows for sugar levels to be topped up.  Less strenuous games include table tennis, pool, darts, table football, computer games and board games.  There is always “something to think about” which takes a variety of forms, including themed games or informal discussion.

Value Builders (Sunday School)

Each Sunday morning during Gathered Worship (10:30-11:50) there is a program of activities for children under the umbrella of Value Builders. Currently, Value Builders is separated between a younger group (children who can be left without parents from about 2 onwards to 5/6 years old), a middle group (6-11 year olds) and a secondary school group (11-16 year olds).

Church Meals

On the Third Sunday of every month (apart from August and December) there is a bring and share lunch in the Family Centre after our morning service 

Sharing Lunch Nov 2016

Holiday Bible Club

The 30th Annual Cherry Hinton Holiday Bible Club is due to take place Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August (inclusive) 2019 at Colville School.

Holiday club 2019

The club is offering 250 places to children aged 5-11. Booking forms were distributed through local schools in June 2019 and an online booking system is now operating.

Other churches

During the year we take part in activities with other churches:

Every Tuesday at 8am our Pastor and the vicar of St Andrew’s church, Cherry Hinton say Morning Prayer together (and members of both churches are welcome to join them).

Each Spring on Good Friday we have a walk of witness starting at St Andrew’s.  We stop five times for a reading, a song and a prayer.  We finish with tea and coffee at Dorrington’s. 

Fireworks party

Fireworks 2014

Between 2010 and 2017 we hosted a bring and share fireworks party for the community in the manse garden (95 High Street) between 5:30 & 6:30pm which was attended by around 100 people

In 2018 this was discontinued due to family commitments of the Pastor.


2019 Christmas ServicesJoining with Christians from other churches we sing carols as the Mayor switches on the Christmas lights 4 or 5 Saturdays before Christmas 5-6pm (in 2019 on Novmeber 23rd)

Discontinued Activities

While most of our activities continue to run from year to year, some have been discontinued

Polly’s Summer Cafe


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