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Messy Play

Messy Play is a Parent/Carer toddler group for Pre-school children and their families. It is run by Cherry Hinton Baptist Church and Friends and is held in our Family Centre in Fishers Lane. We are open most Tuesdays in term time (See Family Centre diary for exact dates) and our sessions run between  9:15 to 11:15am

Messy Play at Cherry Hinton Baptist Church

Messy Bible

Messy Bible aims to be a friendly, informal group where carers can come, with their pre-school children and babies and explore what the bible has to say about Christianity and support each other in putting it into practice.

House Groups

Opportunities to read the Bible, pray and talk to other Christians are provided:

Friday Friends

Since 2007 Friday Friends (see video here) has been a meeting place for 30 plus senior citizens. The group meets weekly throughout the year between 1:30pm and 3:30pm each Friday in the family centre. Typically there is a craft table, a knitting table, a card table and a scrabble table.  The knitting table works tirelessly providing blankets and other goods for those in need. There is tea and cake, a general knowledge quiz and a short epilogue, with a hymn and a prayer.

Youth Group

Youth Group FootballPool, Table tennis, Darts, Computer game

Youth Group aims to be an inclusive and safe environment in which children can enjoy a variety of social activities, so that they develop good relationships with each other.  We welcome all children, celebrating good behaviour and not welcoming behaviour which is hurtful.  

Youth Group is open to older Primary school and younger Secondary school children, every Friday in term time in the Family Centre from 6:30 to 7:45 (for school years 4-6) and 7:45-9:00 (for school years 7-9).  While the Youth Group is open most Fridays in term time, check Diary for actual opening dates. The Youth Group is staffed by Christians in Cherry Hinton who attend a variety of churches.

Football, dodgeball and Unihoc in the floodlit car park give an opportunity for team games, and the tuck shop allows for sugar levels to be topped up.  Less strenuous games include table tennis, pool, darts, table football, computer games and board games.  There is always “something to think about” which takes a variety of forms, including themed games or informal discussion.

Value Builders (Sunday School)

Each Sunday morning during Gathered Worship (10:30-11:50) there is a program of activities for children under the umbrella of Value Builders. Currently, Value Builders is separated between a younger group (children who can be left without parents from about 2 onwards to 5/6 years old), a middle group (6-11 year olds) and a secondary school group (11-16 year olds).

Evening Prayer and Praise

There is a free-form prayer and praise meeting from 6:30pm to 7:30pm every other Sunday evening (see diary for details). During these meetings anyone present may contribute a scripture, a thought, a prayer and/or a song. Tea and coffee are served from 6pm

During the CHBC evening service we seek to focus on God together, and see where that takes us.
We tend to start with a passage of scripture, usually from the morning service, because this may have been brooding inside some of those present in the afternoon.


In addition to private prayer, there are opportunities to pray together every Sunday 9:30 to 10am in the main church building.  There is also a prayer partnership chain.

Church Meals

On the Third Sunday of every month (apart from August and December) there is a bring and share lunch in the Family Centre after our morning service 

Sharing Lunch Nov 2016


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